September 17, Times of Zambia

Government says the liberalisation programme has failed to unlock the problems the private sector has been facing.

Commence, Trade and Industry Permanent Secretary Davidson Chilipamushi said yesterday that even after liberalisation, the growth of the Zambian economy has slowed over the past decade.

Mr. Chilipamushi was speaking in Lusaka at the official launch of the investment policy in Zambia Study Report organised by the Consume Unity and Trust Society Africa Resource Centre (CUTS-ARC).

He said the new policy would address the concerns of stakeholders on the key issue of levelling the play field for domestic and foreign investors in terms of incentives, facilities and opportunities.

Private Sector Devlopment Programme (PSDP) manager Chris Seally called for the creation of a better psychological environment for investors focusssing on the “feel good”factor in promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Zambia.