March 20-24, 2006, The Qutub Hotel, New Delhi, India

Ideal for representatives from Industry, NGOs, Business Chambers, Media and Academics and Central and State Government Agencies

Over the last few years several developing countries have adopted a competition law. Some others which already had such a law such as India have either adopted a new law or made substantial amendments to the existing one as a part of their market-oriented economic reforms. However, proper implementation of the law remains a major challenge in most developing countries. Nevertheless, it is expected that in most such countries, it will be implemented in a vigorous manner in the times to come.

It is thus important that different stakeholders understand the relevant issues better. The business and their associations need to understand as they need to cope with the new law and failure to comply with it can prove costly. Government officials, regulators and representatives of such other agencies need to understand them, as that is essential for proper implementation of the law. Civil society organisations, academia and media also need to understand the issues as they have a significant role to play in ensuring that the law is implemented equitably where concerns of all stakeholders are addressed.

However, the current level of understanding of all stakeholder groups on the relevant issues is less than adequate. Considering this, CUTS Institute of Regulation and Competition (CIRC), a recent venture of Consumer Unity and Trust Society, Jaipur, is offering this programme which will be useful for all these groups.


  • Develop analytical capacities to comprehend competition policy and law issues, their perspective and linkages with the industry and the economy
  • Develop understanding on compliance issues related to competition law among businesses
  • Understand the expected role of different stake holders and groups in order to ensure competitiveness of the markets and accelerate economic growth


  • Competition Law and Policy:
    Rationale and objectives. Efficiency and public interest concerns
  • Basic Concepts:
    The firm and the market. Firm conduct and the market structure
    Market definition: Product market, geographic market
  • The practice of Competition Law and Policy:
    Implementation Issues including Legal issues on competition and regulation
  • Restrictive Practices:
    Horizontal (collusions and cartels); Vertical (tie-ins etc.)
  • Dominance and market power: Market power, contestability, abuse
    of dominance: price discrimination and predatory pricing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:
    Types of mergers, efficiency gains vs. market power
  • Cross-border competition concerns, jurisdictional issues
  • National and Regional Competition Policy
  • Competition Law in Developed and Developing Countries:
    US & EU vs India & South Africa
  • Competition Policy and Service Industries:
    Financial, telecom, energy, transport
  • The interface between competition policy and regulation, competition
    and privatisation, natural monopolies

Resource Persons
The resource persons for the seminar will comprise eminent academics and experts in the field of Competition Policy and Law, both from India and abroad.

  • Aditya Bhattacharjea
    Associate Professor, Department of Economics
    Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi
  • Francois Souty
    Charge de Mission Affaires Multilateral Conseill de la Concurrence
  • John Preston
    Competition Policy Consultant, Private Sector Policy Department
    DFID, London
  • Jaivir Singh
    Assistant Professor, Centre for Study of Law & Governance
    Jawahar Lal University, Delhi
  • Manish Agarwal
    Policy Analyst, CUTS Centre for Competition
    Investment and Economic Regulation, Jaipur
  • Partha Mukhopadhyay
    Senior Research Fellow
    Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi
  • Pradeep S. Mehta
    Director General
    CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition, Jaipur
  • R Shyam Khemani
    Advisor, Competition Policy Private Sector Development – Vice Presidency
    The World Bank Group, Washington D.C.
  • S. Chakravarthy
    Former Member
    Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission, New Delhi
  • Shrawan Nigam
    Senior Advisor
    CUTS, New Delhi
  • S Sundar
    Distinguished Fellow
    TERI, New Delhi
  • Rajat Khathuria
    Professor of Economics
    Indian Management Institute
    New Delhi

About CIRC

About CUTS

Who should attend
The seminar will focus on and is targeted towards:

  • Business and Industry
  • Lawyers and academics
  • NGOs
  • Government agencies

Course Fees
The fees will be US$850/Rs37,500 per participant. A ten percent discount will be offered if there is more than one candidate from an organisation. Accommodation is not included in the fees. For hotel reservations please contact directly.

The Qutub Hotel
Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi 110 016, India
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Fax: 91-11-26968287

How to Apply
Application form (CPS.01) is available on the web site. The application along with bank draft, payable at Jaipur, should reach us at:
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