Jaipur, August 02, 2013

Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) is involved in necessary arrangements to collect the garbage from all the 77 wards of Jaipur city and it will be started within two months, said Mr. Jagroop Singh Yadav, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JMC. He was responding to the findings of the recent study of CUTS to assess the status of amenities and services of JMC in the city of Jaipur. The study depicts very poor condition of garbage collection services in Jaipur city and says that 52% of people dump garbage in the open space. The meeting and exclusive presentation was specially organized to advocate with key officials of JMC for taking appropriate decisions to ameliorate the situation of services and amenities.

Responding to the problem of stray animals, Mr. Yadav mentioned that the number of cages has been increased and serious efforts are being taken to provide relief to the citizens of Jaipur city from the problem of stray animals. CUTS study said 74% of citizens complain about the problem of stray animals.

He also informed about the appointment for 2877 positions in JMC for which process has begun. This will further help in improving the quality of services, he said. Mentioning about the current situation he said that the number of employees in JMC is five per two thousand which should be ideally four per thousand. He said that it is mistaken perception among citizens that the employees of JMC do not work.

Mr. Yadav also mentioned about several other efforts of JMC for improving the scenario. He appreciated the effort of CUTS for engaging citizens and officials and provided them platform for interactions and requested CUTS to do the similar studies and provide feedback of citizens from all wards of Jaipur, which was not covered under the present study. Finally he quoted that ‘no one gets a better governance than he or she deserves’ and made an appeal to the people that the citizens should cooperate and act like a representative of JMC in order to make the efforts of JMC a success.