Monday, February 18,2002

The Times of India

Jaipur: Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS), a Jaipur based think-tank, has urged the government to uphold consumer interest while taking anti-dumping actions. “Consumer interest is synonymous with national interest and therefore, their interest should be upheld while taking anti-dumping action against import of goods from other countries,” Bipul Chatterjee, associate director of CUTS said.

Expressing concern regarding the recent spate of anti-dumping action by the designated authority of the commerce ministry, he said that more often than not consumer interest is sidelined, even when they are an affected party. He was referring to the clash between the producers and consumers of polyester staple fibres being imported from South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. The Association of Synthetic Fibre Industry, representing the domestic PSF units and a host of user industry, mainly textile mills are at loggerheads.