Zambia Daily Mail, August 10, 2010

THE Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International says integrating Zambia into the world economy through enhanced trade can help the country grow faster and reduce poverty.

CUTS International Zambia, acting centre coordinator Patrick Chengo says Zambia is striving to enhance economic development.

In a statement, Mr Chengo said as a Least Developed Country (LDCs), Zambia faces many challenges that hinder it from developing citing poverty and poor living standards.

He added that trade is one of the means to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty.

“For years, developed countries have provided incentives in the form of market access and aid to facilitate LDCs integration, into the multilateral trading system (MTS), so that they can take advantage of the growth and development opportunities offered by international trade,”

He said under the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) initiative, Zambia as beneficiary had an opportunity to conduct a Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DITS).

The EIF is a framework under the World Trade Organisation meant to help LDCs with Trade Related Technical Assistance to enable them participate more in global Trade.

The main purpose of conducting a DTIS, with funding from the EIF was to identify key constraints to the country’s integration to the multilateral trading system.

The study also provided an analytical basis for setting funding priorities and synergise efforts to enable Zambia export more.

Mr Chengo said Trade Related Technical Assistance assesses a country’s needs, products of comparative advantage, constraints and ways of promoting these exports to accelerate poverty reduction.

“Zambia needs to understand its current problems and provide a proper framework for the aid she is receiving or seeks from donors, “he said.

Zambia conducted its DTIS in 2005 under the EIF initiative highlighting trade related constraints for the donors to help address the constraints and integrate into the international trading and investment system.

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