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    The forum serves as a platform to exchange and communicate news and views on Competition & Economic Regulation at national, regional and international level

    Issues discussed/raised

    Articles and news on relevant and contemporary issues are periodically posted to serve the dual purpose of:

  • Updating members with current information
  • Facilitating discussion on interesting topics.

    Since its inception, 300 postings have been made on this platform, and many of them have catalysed interesting discussions.

    Several issues have been discussed at length among the members of the Group. Some of them are captured as follows:

  • Developments in Competition Law And Policy in Tanzania
  • Georgian Competition Law
  • Need for Competition Law to Promote Fair Markets in African
  • Draft Competition Policy of Botswana
  • Governance Issues in Asian Utilities
  • COMESA’s Competition Policy
  • Egypt’s Proposed Competition Law
  • Strong Competition Policies Needed To Maintain Asian Growth, ADB Report
  • Membership

    The e-discussion group has over 1800 members, and continues to grow everyday. Members include representatives from various competition authorities, government bodies, regulators, civil society organisations, academia, media, experts and practitioners from all over the world.

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