Hindustan Times, New Delhi, August 19, 2012

About 53 per cent citizens of Tripura want enactment of a law to ensure right to basic needs, a Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International study on eight rights as per the UN guidelines revealed on Sunday.

Referring to the revelation of research Advocate A L Saha, Chairman Consumer Coordination Council of India (CCCI) said lack of awareness about consumer rights protection laws and regulatory authorities appeared a cause of concern in the entire study area comprises 19 states and three union territories.

The study also highlighted that 31 per cent consumers of Tripura felt water supply was not safe for drinking while 20 per cent said they had to obtain LPG & kerosene mostly from black market and 74 per cent citizens demanded regulator for private schools operating in Tripura.

Responding to the report, Consumer Affairs Minister Manik Dey said, “There is an urgent need of a National Consumer Protection Authority to protect interest of consumers because now-a-days companies are adopting practice of putting profit first and consumers last.”

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