New Delhi, May 28, 2023

“We need innovative finance solutions to deal with climate change, which could include blended finance and co-financing with the private sector,” said Amitabh Kant, India’s G20 Sherpa.

Kant was speaking at a 40th Anniversary event of CUTS International, a global public policy research and advocacy group, along with Harsh Vardhan Shringla, India’s G20 Chief Coordinator.

The event was attended by over 85 distinguished participants and over 200 on YouTube.

Shringla echoed Kant by stressing on the fact that the Global South developing countries need finances and new technology to fight climate change, without compromising their growth aspirations. Both Shringla and Kant asserted the rights of the Global South to develop.

Most importantly, Kant said that India as a leader in the south can offer its technology and support to the developing world to install a modern and inexpensive digital public infrastructure. This would help economic growth hugely and in a more inclusive manner.

Discussing the two leader’s speeches, Sachin Chaturvedi, DG, RIS said that his organisation will be hosting a new Centre of Excellence on Global South, which will take forward many of the new ideas being generated during the G20 deliberations in India and elsewhere.
Thanking everyone, CUTS Secretary General, Pradeep S. Mehta said that in order to take forward the discussions at G20 in India, CUTS has conceptualised two proposals in partnership with research bodies in Brazil and South Africa to work on jobs and skills, and climate resilient infrastructure.

In conclusion, Mehta said that this event was the second Anniversary event in the world and more such events are on the anvil. The first was addressed by Dr Ngozi Iweala-Okonjo in Geneva on 6th April, which was a successful event considering that CUTS is a leading global NGO working on trade policy.

The future events will take up other subjects on which CUTS has been working, such as competition & regulation, consumer protection and governance.

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