The project is expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Two Discussion Papers on key issues: their focus will be identified in the course of the project
  • One Research Report capturing the findings, analysis, recommendations and action agenda for implementing the BBIN MVA for higher economic integration in the sub-region.
  • One Policy Brief containing the estimates of possible economic gains/impact of the BBIN MVA
  • Events reports of all major events organized during the project. Reports of events that will be aimed at awareness generation and capacity building of stakeholders at border points/ports and major trade hubs of the region will have consolidated country reports capturing the highlights and action agenda from the events in each country. Total number of reports will be as follows:

    1. Four reports of advocacy meetings at national capitals
    2. Twelve reports (three from each country) capturing the deliberations at awareness generation and capacity building meetings at ports, trade hubs and critical local clusters
    3. One report of the Regional Policy Dialogue

  • Dossier on factors influencing transit protocols in the region with analysis of such factors, stakeholders concerns and recommendations towards better implementation of the protocols for the BBIN MVA.
  • Documentary film titled “1000 km of a Truck Driver”

This project including its report and all events will be completed in 32 months.