May 16, 2005, New Delhi, Press Release

Leaders from 106 Asian and African countries who met at Bandung recently underlined the role of all stakeholders in South-South cooperation through trilateralisation”, according to Pradeep S.Mehta, Secretary-General of CUTS-International, a leading research, advocacy and networking NGO. In this context it may be mentioned that CUTS International is engaged in capacity building on trade, competition, consumer protection and investment issues in Africa under a trilateral cooperation-the third party being (NORAD) Norway in this case.

Mehta said in a statement issued here today that trilateralisation that involves a donor, a technical assistance provider and a recipient is gradually replacing bilateral assistance as the former brings more accountability in the implementation of development programmes. Many a times the technology or policies of developed countries may not suit the developing countries . In such situations appropriate intermediate technology and appropriate policy can be provided by the third countries or civil society organizations.

Third party involvement also reduces the possibility of a rider in the form of goods and services provision from the donor country itself. Such a rider makes the monitoring relaxed, added Mehta. (CUTS-NF)