KNN India, February 01, 2024

Pradeep Mehta, the Secretary General of Jaipur-based CUTS International, has achieved a notable distinction by being appointed as a member of the International Advisory Council of T20 Brazil.

Furthermore, Bipul Chattopadhyay, Executive Director of CUTS International, has been appointed as a co-chair of a sub-topic in Task Force 4 of T20 Brazil, focusing on Trade and Investment for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.

The International Advisory Council of T20 Brazil, representing esteemed think-tanks across the G20 membership, will collaborate with similar entities in business, civil society, and other sectors as part of Brazil’s G20 presidency.

Comprising 19 countries and two economic blocs, the G20 represents both developed and developing nations, collectively constituting over 80 per cent of the global economy.

T20 Brazil, through policy research and related efforts, is poised to contribute to the discussion on three key priorities of Brazil’s G20 presidency: promoting social inclusion and combating hunger, facilitating energy transition and sustainable development across social, economic, and environmental aspects, and advocating for the reform of global governance institutions.

Expressing his gratitude for this recognition, Pradeep Mehta stated, “It will give me and CUTS opportunities to upfront the voice of the global south on critical matters of global economic governance, particularly the imperative of reforming multilateral bodies such as the World Trade Organisation.”

Mehta emphasised the importance of cooperation over confrontation and inclusiveness. He highlighted India’s successful effort, during its G20 presidency in 2023, in bringing the African Union into the G20, setting a positive precedent for Brazil to build upon.

“We look forward to work with Amitabh Kant, India’s Sherpa to the G20 to make meaningful contributions to future outcomes propounded by this body in a balanced and equitable manner,” Mehta added.

With a strong foundation in Africa, CUTS International is committed to promoting African interests in its roles within T20 Brazil’s deliberations. The organisation actively supported the African Union’s successful bid to become a full member of the G20 under India’s presidency.

The International Advisory Council of T20 Brazil includes 34 members from diverse backgrounds and countries, with Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General of New Delhi-based Research and Information System for Developing Countries, serving as the other Indian representative.

CUTS International, a think-and-action tank with 40 years of experience, focuses on public policy research and grassroots activities related to trade, regulation, and governance. Advocating for liberalisation with safety nets has been one of its core objectives since its inception.

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