August 22, 2012, Jaipur, Rajasthan

In continuation of our efforts towards strengthening small and medium sized voluntary organizations, VANI-New Delhi & CUTS International, Jaipur is organizing a one day seminar at Jaipur, Rajasthan on August 22, 2012.

The meeting is designed to mutually share and learn from each other about the challenges faced by the sector. On one hand many laws are either being formulated or are being implemented arbitrarily by the enforcement agencies. The information of such changes rarely reaches the small and medium sized groups, and they become victim of information gap. On the other, the sector is also facing new challenges as far as financial resources are concerned. The relationship between government and voluntary sector is redefined where partnership is giving way to sub-contractor ship. These new systems demand new set of skills from voluntary organizations to access the material as well as engage with the government. The third dimension is the rising demand of the good internal governance mechanism of the voluntary organizations, which needs to be transparent and visible. Especially after the anti-corruption movement, the voluntary sector is facing backlash from the state. Time demands the internal governance mechanism of high quality. Till date the sector has not organized itself as an effective voice on the above issues, so one of the major objectives would be also to strategize the mobilization of the organizations in each state.

Following areas will be covered in these meetings:

The new FCRA (2010) and proposed DTC : changes and compliance

The new dynamics of changing relationships with the government at state and national level

Challenges of internal governance and compliance

Information sharing and articulating the collective voice of the sector on above

Harassment faced by the voluntary organizations – There has been an increase in the cases of harassment of the voluntary organizations by the various line departments

State of VOs in Rajasthan