CUTS is a leading think-tank working on economic and public policy issues. From its modest beginnings in 1983, CUTS has grown significantly as a local and global research and advocacy group in addressing the challenges to enhance consumer welfare. From a small voluntary consumer non-governmental organisation (NGO) working locally in Rajasthan, a state in North West India, to make consumers aware of their rights and seek resolution of their grievances, CUTS has over time progressed to policy research and network-based advocacy on various public policy issues at state, national, regional and international levels.

Its work now revolves around three verticals: Rules-based Trade, Effective Regulation and Good Governance. This graduation happened organically because of the demands made on CUTS to work on policy issues, which would enhance consumer welfare, with the realisation that consumers need to be protected upfront and not only ex post.

Furthering its Vision and Mission, CUTS has grown geographically with overseas Resource Centres in Geneva, Hanoi, Nairobi, Lusaka and Accra.

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