October 06, 2005, New Delhi, Press Release

Most of the people has viewed that Central United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is working satisfactorily but government has not completely succeeded in implementing the Common Minimum Programme (CMP). For this, non-cooperation among various parties in the alliance is the major factor.

These results have emerged out of the survey conducted by the Jaipur based consumer advocacy group ‘Consumer Unity and Trust Society’ (CUTS) in order to evaluate the overall performance of the UPA government and efforts made for solving various burning problems related to the common man. The results are based on the views expressed by the residents located in different parts of Rajasthan State. The study was conducted in all the 32 districts of Rajasthan.

As per the results of the survey, 29.20 percent people have the feeling that the UPA government is working in the right direction, whereas 41.26 percent people say it is partly on the right path. However, rest of the people do not agree with this view. On the other hand 32.52 percent people are of the view that non-performance of the government in the right direction is mainly due to non-cooperation among various parties of the alliance. 25.52 percent people says that the government is working on the lines of the Common Minimum Programme and 46.33 percent says, government is partly performing, whereas rest do not agree with this view.

Expressing their views on the central budget for the year 2005-06, 22.20 percent says that it is as per the expectations of the common people, on the contrary 32.69 percent partly agrees with this view, whereas 36.19 percent are against this. Majority of the people have appreciated the VAT system implemented in most of the states and said that this is fruitful for the consumers but 32.52 percent of the people are against this system.

Regarding steps taken by the government for control over the prices, 45.45 percent of people were of the view that government has failed in controlling the dearness. On the other hand 28.32 percent are partly hopeful on this issue, where as only 18.36 percent are confident about the steps taken.

Commenting on the foreign policy of the government 27.27 percent of the people says that the present policy is in right direction and will bring positive results. On the contrary 34.09 are partly hopeful on this issue whereas 27.28 percent are not in favour of the policy adopted by the government. With a positive view 44.41 percent of the people says Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is successful one, 26.75 percent partly agree with this view whereas 22.73 percent do not agree to it.

A question regarding completing the term of the government was asked from people. 44.93 percent are hopeful that the government will complete its term but 17.66 percent are partly hopeful, whereas 19.58 percent are not sure.

People were asked about priorities of their burning problems. In analyses, it has revealed that 100 percent of the people have given top-priority to unemployment, 99.30 percent to corruption, 98.25 percent to water, 98.08 to terrorism and the rest priorities were: hunger, law and order, increase in population, health, dearness, illiteracy and electricity.

For combating corruption people suggested for hard punishment; removal from the posts; removal of corruption from politics, judiciary and administration; strengthening the corruption controlling agencies, etc.

About achievements and deficiencies of the UPA government people have appreciated steps taken for passing employment guarantee act, control over inflation, right to women in the parental property, reducing financial deficit. On the other hand people have criticised for non-cooperation among various parties of the alliance, decreasing GDP rate, failure in combating corruption, increase in prices like petrol-diesel, electricity and other essential commodities.