Jaipur, September 14, 2011

In the backdrop of Rajasthan facing severe power deficit, resulting in Power Companies in Rajasthan imposing a power-cut varying from one to six hours a day in different towns and almost 2 hour power cut in Jaipur city, due to rise in daily electricity demand, focusing on the issue of energy saving, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) launched an awareness campaign titled ‘Save to Survive’ in Jaipur city. The campaign was launched in a meeting held at Rotary Club, Jaipur on Wednesday, 14th September, 2011.

George Cheriyan, Director, CUTS in his inaugural address said energy is the backbone of development and economic growth. In the recent years India’s energy consumption has been increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world. India ranks fifth in the world in terms of primary energy consumption. India is going to reach at the second rank by 2030. India’s power consumption will double by 2020. About 70% of India’s energy generation is from fossil fuels. However there is a power deficit of 13.8 percent during the end of previous year. While various steps are taken to increase the supply but demand side management can be a most cost effective solution to the growing demand –supply gap.

George further said there is not much awareness among the consumers about the long-run benefits and potential of energy efficient products in fighting climate change. The increased awareness on the energy saving methods will result in increase in demand for energy efficient products. In addition to cost savings and economic benefits, residential-sector energy efficiency efforts and initiatives can lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Thus the campaign will contribute in decrease of carbon foot-prints and improvement of environment by promoting sustainable and green consumption by consumers.

While speaking in the meeting as the Chief Guest, Sumit Mathur, Project Manager, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RREC), explained Government initiatives for conserving energy and promoting maximum use of renewable energy to meet out energy shortage. RREC is implementing the guidelines as per the National Energy Conservation Act, 2001 in Rajasthan. He also added that for checking the excessive use of energy by industries Government has appointed Energy Managers and Energy Auditors, who will be responsible for auditing the annual consumption by designated consumers. He also urged the Civil Society Organizations for maximum participation regarding creating awareness regarding efficient consumption of energy.

CUTS is running the campaign with the support of Consumers International and Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). The campaign involves various activities such as consumer awareness camps in market places, street plays, stakeholders consultation on energy efficiency. CUTS will also collaborate with various Government agencies working on energy efficiency such as Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RREC), Jaipur Discom, CSOs and consumer groups in the campaign scheduled during September and October 2011.

The workshop was attended by more than 100 representatives of Civil Society Organizations.