Indo Asian News Services, November, 06, 2011

The consumer affairs department has granted Rs.9 million to the Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS International) for a year-long project addressing consumer interest issues and protecting them against fraudulent, unethical and unfair trade practices.

“Given the importance of the issues, the department of consumer affairs is pleased to sanction Rs.9 million (CUTS will also add 1 more million to it, as its contribution) for the project),” said CUTS International in a statement Saturday.

The agreement for the project was signed Friday (Nov 4), it added.

The main activity of the project is to undertake research on the state of the Indian consumer, evolving around consumer rights enshrined in the United Nation guidelines for consumer protection.

Once the field research is completed, there will be four regional consultations to finalise the research findings, which will finally will be translated into a report which will be released in Delhi to provide an agenda for consumer protection in India.

The research data will be gathered from identified 19 states and 3 union territories in India.

In addition to the production of the research report, eight knowledge enhancement workshops will be organized for the consumer organization in four target states of Haryana, Tripura, Jharkhand and Karnataka.

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