James X. Zhan
Chief, International Investment & Technology
Arrangements PCBB Division on Investment, Technology & Enterprise
UNCTAD, Switzerland

CUTS is a highly visible NGO based in a developing country. It has succeeded in making its development concerns and policy advocacy effectively heard by policy makers and negotiators in both developed and developing countries. Its succinct and insightful policy analysis series have been a must reading for me, as well as my many colleagues in UNCTAD.

One of CUTS’ core strengths lies in its advocacy work. As CUTS faces the future, it is bound to face competition from other entities also specialising in research and advocacy work. Hence its research activities must be framed so as to complement this core strength.

What fascinates me the most is that CUTS has been working both as a grass root voluntary organisation and also as a professional organisation doing advocacy work at the national and international level. The strength of CUTS lies in representing developing countries’ interests in the international fora.

I would like to congratulate CUTS, its visionary leaders and its hard working staff on celebrating 20 glorious years of service and wish them success in future.