Uganda, December 20-21, 2002

    Enhance the capacity of consumer and civil society organizations in articulating, influencing of socio-economic policymaking and their implementation at the national, regional and international level.

    Workshop Objectives

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of consumer and civil society organisations in the region in influencing economic policies
  • Provide an informed assessment of consumer power and potential in policymaking
  • Review experiences in policy advocacy and its significance to better public service, and the instruments for enforcing them
  • Examine how to foster mutual understanding between government–policymakers, regulators, goods and services providers and consumer / civil society organizations
  • Examine the place of consumer education and protection in contemporary governance concerns
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of the role of consumer and civil sector organizations in socio-economic agenda planning, participation and formulation
  • Analyze experiences with regard to the development and implementation of advocacy strategies
  • Examine available information sources and support tools for socio-economic decision-making; and Identify key capacity-building requirements and determine steps for regional collaboration and information exchange.