April 27-28, 2006, Naivasha, Kenya

CUTS-Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment, Nairobi (CUTS-NRC)in partnership with the Nairobi office of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), will be holding a regional conference on linking trade policies to national and regional development agenda on April 27-28, 2006 at Naivasha, Kenya.

This dialogue aims;

  • To facilitate non-state participation in external trade and development of Kenya’s position for trade negotiation.
  • To equip non-state actors, trade policy practioners and government officials and facilitate their participation in the development of trading policy and position on regional and international agreements and negotiations that Eastern Africa develops and adopts as well as in participation in external trade and implementation of trade agreements.

Background of the Seminar
Due to the extreme poverty in the regional countries much is being done by the states towards poverty eradication. There is ongoing researches for better strategies to combat this poverty prevalence through involvement of strategic stakeholders who are the key players in development of trade policies and development as an agenda. CUTS –NRC appreciates this fact and takes the lead by drawing together the East African countries viz. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Ethiopia. The first three are already far ahead in state integration with the soul purpose of trade and economic liberalisation.

And this is why CUTS-NRC is well ahead in preparing the environment through capacity building. The seminar will provide the concrete case studies and evidences, which have worked in other selected countries including those of South and South East Asia, namely Malaysia and Cambodia. This will be done with the focus of striving to have a better cross-fertilisation of ideas, lessons and experiences of economic liberalisation.

Seminar Papers: The papers will discuss the ‘country experiences’ with the aim of;

  • Sharing the country experiences (Analysis of countries’ trade policies and their potential possible ways of regional cooperation);
  • Building and strengthening capacity in trade policy; and
  • Linking national trade policy and development planning in the context of current regional and global trade environment.

Method of Facilitation
Advocacy documents will include policy briefs, discussion papers, e-newsletters and a handbook on, ‘recommendations made for trade policies during the dialogue’. The conference will be an ideal platform for South-South dialogue between state and non-state actors.

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For further information please contact:
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