September 16, Zambia Daily Mail

Two Universities of Zambia (UNZA) researchers say the tourism sector has failed to attract investment because of poor communication network in the country.

Professor Oliver Saasa said the non-existence of roads leading to tourist attractions was a hindrance to investment in the sector.

Prof. Saasa cited Siavonga as one of the areas that could contribute towards the gross domestic produc (GDP) of the country through tourism investment.

And Prof. Venkatesh Seshamane said the cost of travelling to the tourist attractions within the country was very high compared to the other countries in the regions.

Prof. Seshamane said it was costing tourists a lot of money to fly to tourists sites due to the absence of good road network.

He also urged Government to seek aid from the cooperating partners to develop and protect the sites for the future generation.

He said tourism was one of the contributors towards the GDP hence the need to put in place good road infrastructures in the affected areas.

The two professors were expressing their concerns at a one-day workshop on Investment in Zambia: Performance and Perceptions organised by Consumer Unity and Trust society in Lusaka on Tuesday.