This is a quarterly, newsletter published by the CUTS C-CIER reporting on policy and regulatory developments in India with the objective of informing people about them as well as building a culture for independent regulatory reforms. PolicyWatch is primarily meant for the Indian readers, dealing with various economic policy issues. It covers developments on policy responses, implementation and distortions. Special dedicated sections such as Good Practices, Viewpoint, and Discussion Topic raise several interesting and relevant issues drawing attention towards their implications and impact.

Year 2008 Issues

Vol.9 No. 3/2008 Vol.9 No. 4/2008
Vol.9 No. 2/2008 Vol.9 No. 1/2008

Year 2007 Issues

Vol.8 No. 4/2007 Vol.8 No. 3/2007 Vol.8 No. 2/2007 Vol.8 No. 1/2007
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Special Issue Vol. 5. No.1/2004 Vol. 6. No.1/2005 Vol. 7 No.1/2006
Vol. 4. No.1/2003 Vol. 5. No.2 & 3/2004 Vol. 6. No.2/2005 Vol. 7 No.2/2006
Vol. 4. No.2/2003 Vol. 5. No.4/2004,INSERT Vol. 6. No.3/2005 Vol.7 No. 3/2006
Vol. 4. No.3/2003 Vol. 6. No.4/2005 Vol.7 No. 4/2006
Vol. 4. No.4/2003

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