July 21, 2005, New Delhi, Press Release

Five MPs cutting across party lines have joined hands to float a parliamentary forum on economic issues. The MPs are Dinesh Trivedi (AITC), Yashwant Sinha (BJP), Suresh Prabhu (SS), Madhusudan Mistry (INC) and N.N. Krishnadas CPI (M)

The moot idea behind the proposed parliamentary forum is to discuss the divergent opinions on the core economic policy issues reflected in and out of parliament and media. Now when India has come up as one of the top ten gross domestic producers and is on the way to become a great economic giant, it is incumbent upon policy and law makers to think and guide both the establishment and the public about what is best in the national interest.

The parliamentary forum is non-partisan and informal where MPs cutting across party lines will be able to air their views on a periodical basis on the basic economic issues in the field of trade, competition, regulatory reforms, investment and their cross linkages.

It is being hosted by the Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS), which is a non-profit making and a leading civil society organization that is dedicated to research and advocacy on basic economic issues aimed towards economic development and consumer
welfare for more than two decades.