New Delhi, India, February 22, 2006

The Parliamentarians Forum on Economic Policy Issues (PAFORE), formed at the behest of five Members of Parliament with CUTS International as the host, will meet at the India International Centre, New Delhi, India, on February 22, 2006 to discuss pertinent aspects related to the proposed Amendment to the Competition Act 2002.

This three-hour meeting would evaluate the pros and cons of the proposed amendments to the Competition Act 2002, coincided with the ‘budget session’ of the Parliament (when the amendment to the Competition Act 2002 is expected to be tabled and debated). To facilitate the discussions, CUTS researchers would make a presentation on the vital issues related proposed amendments as well as distribute an Issue Note on the ‘Amendment to the Competition Act 2002’ among the members of the PARFORE.

For further information please contact:
Manish Agarwal: +91 98292 85925
Vijay Singh: +91 98182 50102