December 18, 2005, PTI
Hong Kong

Expressing dissappointment over the WTO deal, leading civil society organisations today flayed the sixth WTO Ministerial declaration saying developed countries must do much more for a fair outcome.

The World Development Movement said the gains from the 2013 as the end date for elimination of export subsidies had been blown out of proportion.

“Setting the date of 2013 to end export subsidies is a symbolic gesture of marginal benefit, made ten years late,” Peter Hardstaff, Head of Policy at the World Development Movement said.

Action Aid said, “poor countries cannot wait for eight years to see an end to EU’s export subsidies. The offer means that yet again, minority interests are put before the needs of the majority of the world’s population”.

Another leading NGO Green Peace also said the agreement on 2013 as the date of elimination of export subsidies was only a symbolic gesture.

“This text is only a symbolic gesture, creating the delusion that the developed countries have given something in return for the concessions they have extracted from developing countries, ” the organisation said.

CUTS International described the deal as a mixed bag and a forward movement over the July package of 2004.$all/6FFE083B3A6E75C2652570DB005176CD