08 April 2004, Hindustan Times

DEMANDS WERE made on Wednesday to include road safety in the school syllabi right from the primary level. More such issues related to road safety came up at a seminar on “Road safety is no accident” organised by the Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) and the MN Tandon Memorial Charitable Trust (MNTM-CT) on the occasion of World Health Day, which was dedicated to road safety.

The seminar was attended by AK Jain, the IG Police, PK Chakravarty, the Chief General Manager of Corridor Management with the National Highway Authority of India, and Malini Agarwal, the Traffic SP, among others.

Those attending the seminar felt that teaching children about road safety would make them more sensitive to driving rules at a later stage. Other demands made included better health facilities, like nursing homes at regular intervals along the highways. The government was called upon to involve itself more actively in this field.

The participants also said that doctors should be less bothered about the legal paperwork when it comes to accident victims. They added that the first priority should be to save lives. The issue of LPG cylinders being used to fuel cars and overloading of jeeps also came up at the seminar. The government was asked to strictly control the two. Deepak Saxena, a programme coordinator with CUTS, said that these proposals would be elaborated further and a concrete report would be presented to the government in another week’s time.