Foreign Nationals

VIEWS of Foreign Nationals worked/working at CUTS Jaipur, India

Worked as a Legal Research Assistant with CUTS CCIER

I have been immediately integrated into the work team and assigned a wide range of interesting and exciting projects. The warm and friendly atmosphere at work place is pleasant and my colleagues are open and ready to help me whenever I need.

Sonia Gasparikova, Slovakia

Worked as a Researcher with CUTS CCIER for three years

I worked at the Jaipur office of CUTS for more than three years, starting from May 2003. It has been an exciting and learning experience. The skills and knowledge I gathered during the time I spent in Jaipur are wide-ranging, from competition policy and law, investment, consumer protection to regulation, international trade and economics – from event and project management to desk research and field survey. Most importantly, I have learnt to develop my own strengths and career interests, as well as manage the drawbacks, becoming more independent and dynamic at work, and at the same time, comfortable with team works.

Jaipur ā€“ the host city – is quite an orthodox place, in terms of traditions and customs (this may also be the reason why it attracted such a huge expatriate and tourist community). The desert climate and the Indian cuisine, which is hot and spicy, also make it quite a difficult place to live in and adjust to. However, the multi-cultural and professional working environment at CUTS helped me tremendously. It is not without reason that I, amongst many other old colleagues, always long for opportunities to make homecoming trips to this Pink City and CUTS.

Pham Thi Que Anh, Vietnam

(Pham Thi Que Anh moved back to Vietnam and started a CUTS Resource Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam in late 2006/early 2007)

Worked as Programme Officer with CUTS CITEE for five months (January ā€“ May 2007)

I am very thankful to CUTS International for giving me the opportunity of working on the Linkages between Trade, Development & Poverty Reduction project. Coming from a development and economics background, it was important for me to find the appropriate place to further research trade and poverty reduction issues.

In Jaipur, I found a working environment where new ideas and initiatives are welcome and where one is given many interesting responsibilities. It has not only been a valuable experience because of the numerous topics and case studies I could investigate through my work, but also because of the strong network of experts with whom I had the chance to exchange ideas through mail or at conferences.

The whole experience has been extremely precious to me because it was a full immersion into Indian life.

Christina Manca, Belgium

Worked with CUTS as a Consultant for the Investment for Development project at Jaipur

Olivia moved to her own country, i.e. UK and started representative office of CUTS at London, which is now developed as an independent organisation.

Olivia Jensen, UK

Worked with CUTS CITEE as a Researcher for ten months

The position as a researcher at CUTS CITEE in Jaipur obviously suited me perfectly. Professionally, I have been able to return to my area of expertise, taking part in the India, Brazil and South Africa, Mekong Ganga Relationship and South Asia Forum for International Trade projects and above all, the Trade Related Technical Assistance project.
More personally, I have been able to get a taste of what it is like to live and work in a developing country. The past year has been an interesting one-with highs and lows. It has without doubt been a memorable one and I am glad of having had the opportunity to live and work here.

Michael Christian Bratt, Sweden

Worked as a Programme Coordinator, CUTS CITEE, Jaipur from June 01, 2005-November 09, 2006

Being in CUTS CITEE has given me a greater understanding in the field of trade and development and not only this, but a life experiencing of living in India. I have enjoyed my project work in general.

Sonia Gasparikova, Slovakia

Worked with CUTS CCIER on a project entitled ‘Investment for Development

Worked with a great team of colleagues, I have learned a lot, both professionally and personally. In addition, I had the great opportunity to work with project partners from all over the world, to organise and attend conferences in India and abroad and to meet many interesting and committed people.

Hilda Fridh, Sweden

Worked as a Legal Consultant/Researcher with CUTS CITEE for ten months

It had been a truly wonderful experience. Interacting with my colleagues has given me the opportunity to grow and develop both as a person as well as a professional. As part of the 7Up team, I had worked not only on various related issues, but was also given the opportunity to actively participate in other areas as well.

Ralf van de Beek, The Netherlands