Comments from interns worked with CUTS, Jaipur

Worked as an intern at CUTS CCIER, Jaipur (July – August 2009)

The internship gave me an insight into areas of competition law that I had not been previously exposed to. Primarily these areas were legal regimes and policy agendas of developing countries around the world. The projects that allowed me to help drafting and amending competition legislation in various jurisdictions were very rewarding. My work with 7Up4 project allowed me to learn about areas in which various West African countries are striving to improve their competition laws and policies. I gained an appreciation of the different market conditions existing in these countries that made enforcement of certain competition laws problematic. As a newly minted lawyer, I felt that I was given levels of responsibility at CUTS that I would not have been given in a law firm.

Cassandra Brown
Toronto, Canada

Worked as an intern at CUTS CITEE, Jaipur (April – August 2009)

The engagement in CITEEs’ fields of work corresponded very much to my interests. To be involved in a variety of topics relevant to the challenges the world currently faces has helped shape my skills, and has thus been a motivating and enriching experience. The CUTS team is inspired to think out of the box in order to make changes that are sustainable. Besides the professional experience, living in India has left long-lasting impressions; contribution to my personality and helping me understand the diverse and colourful Indian culture.

Sibylle Kuhn
Zurich, Switzerland

Worked as an intern at CUTS CITEE, Jaipur (February – June 2009)

Working at CUTS was an enriching experience from a professional and personal standpoint. The working environment was intellectually stimulating, thanks to my committed and resourceful colleagues. The friendliness of staff at CUTS CITEE made my experience all the more enjoyable. I truly felt that I was a full fledged member of the organisation, even though I was an intern.

Quentin De Roquefeuil
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Worked as an intern with CUTS CITEE, Jaipur (March to April 2009)

Overall my experience at CUTS has been enlightening. By being able to become involved with the organisation I feel that I have been given such a unique and interesting opportunity which will allow me to further my educational and career goals.

CUTS being primarily think-tank do intensive research. I have gained an understanding for the organisation and the roles of NGO’s in India as well as within the international community. I have enjoyed working with the CUTS staff because they have made it easier for me to become acquainted with the organisation and the field of international development.

Margureritte K. de Laurier
University of Minnesota, USA

Worked as an intern with CUTS CART, Jaipur (November to December 2008)

My experience of working at CUTS was quite fascinating and rewarding. The projects on which I had worked: Investigation into Child Labour in Rajasthan; and Investigating Basic Service and Sanitation greatly engaged my attention. Though, at times, it seemed like a steep learning curve – conducting a survey in Jaipur’s slum area is a little out of my previous experience – I have greatly enjoyed the challenge and found very helpful, friendly and supportive colleagues.

Kamaljeet Gill, London, UK

Worked as an intern with CUTS CITEE, Jaipur (October to December 2008)

During my internship, I learnt about my co-workers’ projects as well as current issues in India. I read numerous articles about pro-poor policies, sanitation, water systems, the nuclear debate, exchange rates, farmers in India, Mumbai bombings, and other organisation such as United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Trade Organisation (WTO), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Barefoot College. This type of research was a vital part of my intellectual growth at CUTS.

Thank you for having me here at CUTS. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about issues, policies and the organisation.

Lora Grabau
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Worked as an intern with CUTS CCIER, Jaipur (March to April 2008)

Working at CUTS was my first experience in a non-profit organisation engaged in the field of competition law. I learnt a lot about how the implementation of competition law in developing countries could benefit, at the same time, consumers as well as the economy. After spending two months at CUTS, I can say my internship was tremendously positive.

Candice Roy
University of Paris V

CUTS have been my first ‘real’ experience

Despite working and living in an unaccustomed environment, every minute has been wonderful in CUTS. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in CUTS and the knowledge I have acquired has been very beneficial. It has been a joy working for a good cause and with such nice people.

Ayesha Patel, London UK

Worked as an intern with CUTS office in Jaipur

CUTS caught my eye because of its groundbreaking work on competition and International Trade law. Even more fascinating to me was the wide range of activities in which CUTS is involved, which extend from empowering women in rural communities in India to advocating for the developing world at the WTO conference in Cancun.

Alan Bates