Foreign Nationals

Employment Terms & Conditions

CUTS accepts employment applications from all over the globe for its various offices located at India, Zambia, Kenya, United Kingdom and Vietnam. Foreign nationals are generally employed on a contract for a year, which can be extended on mutual consent.

Employment terms and conditions differ from country to country. For India, a few are listed below:

  • An employee is entitled to 7 days casual leave and 23 days earned leave in a year, which are credited in parts.
  • The probation is of three months which can be extended.

Legal formalities

  • Visa: All foreign nationals must have a visa for India. For an Employment Visa, a signed contract is required for the foreign nationals and an organisation including terms and conditions of appointment. Visa starts from the date of issue and not date of travel. It is advisable not to book the flight before getting a visa to India.
  • On arrival at New Delhi, one needs to register with the Embassy of his/her country at New Delhi.
  • On arrival at Jaipur, one has to register with the Office of Registration of Foreigners within 14 days of arrival in India.