Subir Gokarn
Chief Economist
Credit Rating Information
Services of India Ltd. (CRISIL)

Having been associated with CUTS for the last five years or so, both as a professional resource and a member of the Executive Committee, I have been highly impressed by the productivity and impact of this small, but extremely dedicated and committed group of people. These last five years have been a period in which people have been struggling to understand the full significance and potential consequences of the evolving world trading order. CUTS, both through its internal resources and the extensive networks that it nurtures, has contributed immensely to this process, not only in India but internationally as well. I cannot think of any other organisation that has done a better job in making trade-related issues as accessible to as wide an audience as CUTS has and I am proud to have been associated with that effort in whatever little way I could be.

As you look ahead, I would like to see a greater degree of integration between your various activities. CUTS is perhaps unique in straddling the whole spectrum from the tiny Indian village to the international negotiating arena. Leveraging this spread to the maximum extent possible is critical to both the growth of the organisation and the impact it will have on the welfare of all consumers. I wish CUTS all the best in this effort and have no doubt that you will continue with the same level of commitment and impact in the decades ahead.