Hindustan Times, Jaipur, March 14, 2009

Eight-Five Per cent children accept that they are influenced by advertisements to consume unhealthy food products and 35 per cent parents consider advertisement as the main culprit for increasing dement of junk food among children.

However, both school administration and parents are mainly responsible for feeding the young generation with junk food. 63 per cent of the schools, where canteen exists, junk food is sold without any restriction and 86 per cent parents prefer packed food items as gift on festivals / occasions. These findings emerged out of a sample survey titled ‘The Junk food Trap’ carried out by Centre for Consumer Action, Research & Training, a Jaipur based consumer advocacy group, as a part of a global strategy to advocate against marketing of unhealthy foods on the eve of the World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), 2009.