18 July 2004, Financial Express

In an increasingly consumerism oriented society injury or death due to unsafe products and services are alarmingly on the rise in India. And evertytime such an incident hits the headline, as a consumer you might ask why these things happen again and again? Yet, with the passage of time the issue dies down.

“Is It Really Safe?”, is a book which has documented some of the incidents related to unsafe products and services that cost human lives, aiming to create awareness on the issue. It deals mainly with the consumer safety issues. Brought out by CUTS (Consumer Unity & Trust Society) the book is a compilation of articles written on the subject from time to time. With comments and suggestions from different consumer organisations, the book also provides a synopsis of Indian rules and regulations on safety issues.

Product safety, services safety, health care services, food safety and transport are areas covered by the book. The section on transport safety makes for informative reading as it deals with the Indian road, railways and air safety and the kinds of accidents that have taken place. It makes you wonder how safe are you as a consumer.