About Us

CUTS Delhi Resource Centre (CUTS-DRC) has been set up in a full-fledged office in April 2003 in presence of Dr. Sanjay Paswan, Union Minister, Govt. of India, Dr. Veena Jha, Head, UNCTAD India, Ajay Mehta, NFI and others prominent persons to act as the focal point for CUTS’ advocacy, outreach and external relations relating to national institutions. The objective of opening the Delhi Resource Centre is to feed the work being done at the national level by the other centres of CUTS, particularly at Chittorgarh, Calcutta and Jaipur, into policy level interventions.

Besides showcasing the work of CUTS and feeding the same in the various policy advocacies at the appropriate forum, the centre would strengthen network with research organisations and consumer groups. Experiences of NGOs from various states on select issues would also be translated into policy level interventions.

CUTS has been engaged in litigation on the issues of public interest mainly aiming at improving governance. The Centre would revive this activity on a larger scale.

CUTS is a member on advisory bodies of various central ministries. This Centre will lay particular emphasis on relations with Ministers, Members of Parliament, bureaucrats and other branches of the Government. Additionally, the Centre also maintains a dialogue with national and international media, national associations of trade and industry, other NGOs and special interest groups and affiliations.