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From 21st to 26th April 2012, the 13th quadrennial conference of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development will be held in Doha, Qatar. The theme of the Conference is “Developpment-Centred Globalisation: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Growth and Development”. Its sub-themes are:

  •  Enhancing the enabling economic environment at all levels in support of inclusive and sustainable development

  • Strengthening all forms of cooperation and partnerships for trade and development, including North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation

  • Addressing persistent and emerging development challenges as related to their implications for trade and development and interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development

  • Promoting investment, trade, entrepreneurship and related development policies to foster sustained economic growth for sustainable and inclusive development

CUTS International is a non-governmental organisation having more than three decades of experience of working on trade, regulatory and governance issues, particularly in Asia and Africa. It has a permanent observer status as an NGO accredited to UNCTAD.

A CUTS delegation led by its Secretary General and from among its centres in Geneva and Lusaka will take an active part in UNCTAD XIII by presenting its views on several high-level panels on contemporary issues of trade, development and regulations and organising events on a number of issues including on interaction between trade and competition policy.