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About the centre

With its vast resource endowments, Africa presents a great opportunity for Indian businesses. Moreover, the continent is expected to emerge as the next big emerging market in the coming decades. Thus, the sustainability of Indian business will be affected by its ability to access emerging African markets and leverage African resources.

This proposed initiative by CUTS International to set up the Centre for Indo-African Cooperation and support various interventions over a period of time is an important step towards overcoming deficiency of soft infrastructure. Through this initiative Indian firms can help build the capacity of African people, for sustained economic growth through mutually advantageous collaboration with Indian business.




Long-term Objective: Promotion of African economic development through the evolution of synergies between Indian expertise and entrepreneurship on the one hand and Africa’s resource endowments, both human and material, on the other

Immediate Objective: To promote greater participation of Indian enterprises in segments of the African economy that can benefit from development of human capital, entrepreneurial skills and related institutions