About Us

Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International) was established in India in the year 1983. Having implemented projects on various elements of social and economic policy issues in India, CUTS realised over time that its experience as a civil society organisation (CSO) aiming to influence public policy through research would be vital in evolving an informed civil society in other parts of the developing world as well.

Pursuing this goal, CUTS established its Africa Regional Centres in Lusaka in 2001, Nairobi in 2003 and in Accra in 2013 respectively.

This has also helped CUTS in promoting ‘South-South Cooperation’ on trade and development, and strengthen long-term capacity of both non-state and state actors to address equity and accountability issues.

Our aims are:

  • establish civil society cooperation in the areas of trade, economic policies and the environment in Africa;
  • form national, regional and international coordination system and alliance building among organisations working on similar social and economic issues;
  • focus on capacity building activities on international trade, consumer protection, foreign investment and competition policy issues at national, regional and international levels.