CUTS IN MEDIA-December 2009



Workshop Organised on child Rights
Dashpur express, December 27, 2009

Mainstream Excluded Children
Dainik Navjyoti, December 27, 2009

Project Launched
Hindustan Times, December 24, 2009

Over 500 acts, policies to come under scanner
Financial Chronicle, December 23, 2009

20 Clusters Join Handloom Clusters Expo in Capital
Thesynergyonline Economic Bureau, December 21, 2009

Fighting corruption seen as interference: World Bank official
The Hindu, December 20, 2009

Government is in favour of social accountability
Panjab Kesri, December 20, 2009

Training of NGOs organised
Dainik Navjyoti, December 20, 2009

Key Stakeholder training organised
Dainik Navjyot, December 19, 2009

Lutte Contre La Concurrence Deloyale : Un Atelier Regional Des Acteurs De Defense Des Droits Des Consommateurs Tenu A Lome
La Télévision Togolaise, Décembre 19, 2009

Public Hearing on Quality Education Organised
Dainik Navjyoti, December 18, 2009

Fixing accountability is a necessity
Dainik Bhaskar, December 18, 2009

Projet 7Up4 : Lutter contre les « pratiques anticoncurrentielles et la concurrence déloyale »
Forum de la semaine, Togo, December 17, 2009

Accountability weakened after Independence
Times of India, December 17, 2009

Accountability Structures still weak in India
Hindustan Times, December 17, 2009

Workshop on Social Accountability in India begun
Daily News, December 17, 2009

Country lags behind on accountability issue, Says Bharat Singh  
Mehka Bharat, December 17, 2009

Accountability weakened after Independence
Times of India, December 17, 2009

Appeal made to promote Child Education
Rajasthan Patrika, December 15, 2009

Leaders will mainstream Deprived Children
Rajasthan Patrika, December 15, 2009

Leaders will Mainstream Deprived Children
Dainik Navjyot, December 15, 2009

Leaders will mainstream deprived children
Dainik Bhaskar, December 14, 2009

Deabate on the issue of accountability
Daily News, December 10, 2009

Two day workshop on social accountability
Hindustan Times, Jaipur, December 10, 2009

Child Labour Schools will Re-open
Dainik Navjyoti, December 09 ,2009

No solution in sight
Al-Ahram Hebdo, December 08, 2009

Carbon footprint on power bill
The Telegraph,  December 06, 2009

Consumer exploitation
The Post Zambia, December 04, 2009

WTO Should Rediscover its Development Goals through Reforms: CUTS-FES Panel
Thesynergyonline Economic Bureau , December 03, 2009

ZCC requests powers to fine businesses contravening competition, trading Act
The Post Zambia, December 02, 2009

TRADE: U.S. Wants Its Way, But So Do Others
American Chronicle, December 04, 2009 & Inter Press Service, December 02, 2009

CLIMATE CHANGE: India Plays Guessing Game Ahead of Copenhagen
Inter Press Service, December 01, 2009

Closure of NCLP schools violation of human rights
Dainik Bhaskar, December  01 ,2009

Child labour schools should be re opened
Dainik Navjyoti, December 01 ,2009

Restart child labour schools
Rajasthan Patrika, December 01 ,2009



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