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March 2012


Should ad durations on TV shows be halved?
Business Standard, March 28, 2012

By Pradeep S Mehta

The TV has become both a source of news and entertainment, the foray of advertisers in this sector has raised the ante of what should be a reasonable amount of advertising with which the consumer can be bombarded. The consumer cannot skip the ads except by hitting the mute button. And in most cases, when one tries and shifts to another similar channel, voilà, more if not the same advertising again, and one waits patiently or does something else…advertisers organise such collusive practice in association with compliant TV channels. Indeed, this should be taken up by the Competition Commission of India. More...

Coercion’s instrumental in sustaining cartels
Financial Express, March 26, 2012

By Pradeep S Mehta

Cartels are the most egregious form of anticompetitive practice, wreaking great harm on the economy. It is therefore that in many countries cartel activity is treated as a criminal offence ending in jail terms and fines for the executives of the colluding firms also. While most big cartels are formed through a covert and a civil dialogue, some of the colluding activity is done through coercive means, because all parties may not agree. Both require a different approach by the competition agency when it comes to busting them. More...

Bad Politics Means Bad Economics
Economic Times, March 26, 2012

By Pradeep S Mehta

Sacking the then-railway minister Dinesh Trivedi after he presented a reformist rail budget is one of the darkest chapters in our recent chaotic economic history. One can understand the compulsions of coalition politics…This idea was not radical because fares had not been raised over the last decade. After all, bad politics leads to bad economic outcomes, which the country can ill-afford in the current situation of an alarming fiscal deficit, obstinate inflation and unusual policy paralysisMore...



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